Hygienic cables for the food industry

Industrial food production places high requirements on automation technology and network communication. Hygiene and cleanliness are as crucial for filling and packaging machines as the secure transmission of data and information. These quality standards apply to all sensor system and automation components, as well as the choice of materials – the cables must be food-safe and non-toxic. Steam cleaners, aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals are often used during the regular cleaning of the equipment, usually at very high temperatures. This leads to additional stress on the cables.

Braunkabel cables can withstand these chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses while meeting high technical standards. In addition, we use premium materials and the highest degree of precision in manufacturing to create the prerequisites for excellent performance. The ideal data and sensor cables for your equipment. 

Our cables are:
  • Food-safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Temperature-resistant 
  • Acid-resistant
  • Shielded or unshielded
  • UL-approved
  • Precisely tailored to meet your requirements

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