Why the perfect cable is a Braunkabel cable

From standard products to customized solutions
Our mission for every cable
Simply a perfect match.

Cables for automated systems need to function reliably within highly dynamic processes. These cables must meet extremely challenging requirements, including in harsh industrial environments. No matter which properties your cable needs, we make things easy for you. Not least because we carry out all the necessary work steps and tests in-house at our company, including planning, production and testing. From the initial enquiry to product certification, we offer a complete service from A to Z.

Find out what makes our cables shine in practical applications. And how we guarantee high quality and optimal properties.

Our consulting service

We never get our wires crossed

Before we advise you, we listen carefully to find out what you need. We make sure we understand your requirements and preferences down to the last detail. After all, you don’t want just any cable, but one that perfectly suits your specific needs. We’ll also advise you on your requested material and cable properties, as well as the corresponding tests. Contact us and take advantage of our cable specialists’ expertise.

Our engineering

The perfect plan to meet your requirements

When our engineers design your cable, they take all your requirements into account. As a company, we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and solve each challenge by drawing on our many years of experience. Our goal is always to provide you with a cable that does its job perfectly – from high-performance data and sensor cables to control and connection cables. What type of cable do you need?

Optimal raw materials

Carefully selected materials and suppliers

Bare copper wire, thermoplastic granulate and protective plastic or paper tapes – we use high-quality materials as a matter of course. However, it is our high-quality workmanship that really makes the difference. For example, before processing the plastic granulate from our raw material silos, we dry it very gently in our dry-air dryer and scan it to verify its quality. Our storage and production processes are based on single (i.e. unmixed) material batches. This allows us to precisely track every metre of cable produced.

We rely on a variety of materials to insulate the outer sheath: PVC, PUR, FRNC and a fully recyclable ECO variant. All of these materials guarantee high performance in punishing industrial applications.

Modern manufacturing

Our experience and technology

Our production processes are always state of the art. We meet the growing demands of our customers with modern equipment and innovative technologies. In addition, our in-house tool shop houses a wide range of extrusion tools that guarantee maximum flexibility. To ensure that every single Braunkabel cable has the desired properties, precision is given top priority at every step of our manufacturing process.

Conductor production

From customised single conductors to complex data cables, we insulate multi-stranded, fine-stranded and ultra-fine-stranded copper strands on our conductor extrusion lines. The quality of our conductors is also ensured by means of precision processing, whereby we ensure optimal centricity of the copper strands and low diameter tolerances.
We also employ a highly specialized, state-of-the-art extrusion technology – physical foaming for data-cable conductors. Copper cables with foamed conductor insulation allow high-frequency signal transmission – an essential property for data cables.
The finished conductors are then ready for the next step: stranding.

Ader Produktion


We wind the individual conductors or groups of conductors in parallel around a central axis. Depending on the cable type, we use different techniques and lay lengths to achieve the necessary mechanical properties. Our stranding systems allow us to create cables that meet many different requirements. Including yours!



Depending on the requirements, some of our stranded conductors are braided to shield the cable. This prevents electromagnetic interference that can lead to faults in production plants. To rule this out, we crisscross wafer-thin, tin-coated copper wires around the cables in our braiding machines. This process is very fast and extremely precise – ultimately, each individual braid directly influences the finished cable’s properties on account of its narrow or wide-meshed covering. For additional protection, we use wrappings made from a wide variety of materials to protect the cable from mechanical stresses while also making highly flexible movements possible.


Sheath production

For the cable sheath, the granulate is heated in the extruder and applied to the cable as a sheath.
The type of sheathing depends on the respective requirements. A unique feature of our process is that we apply PVC and polyurethane in one step. But no matter which material is used, the finished sheath is cooled in a metre-long water bath before we measure its insulation properties using high voltage and check its length. Once the cable is wound onto the spool, it is ready for shipping.


Testing and certification

Our cables are certified in accordance with international standards and come with UL approval, which means they are suitable for use worldwide. Furthermore, our customers can absolutely rely on this. Why? Because we test our cables’ performance ourselves using our in-house test facilities – for example, via many thousands of cycles in the drag chain or in a real fire in our flame chamber. We also test their electrical properties in our laboratory. For our data cables, this includes high-frequency tests and the creation of transmission protocols for the EtherCat, PROFInet, CANopen and IOLink standards. In addition, we have a torsion testing system, a reverse-bending test system, a tensile force test system and an ageing furnace. As you can probably tell, when it comes to the safety and performance of your cables, we leave nothing to chance.


Fast delivery

At Braunkabel you get everything you need from a single source, from development through to manufacturing and reel return. In other words, we make things easy for you. And fast! We will even be happy to handle the associated customs procedures on your behalf.

Discover the advantages of a Braunkabel cable. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!