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Braunkabel sets the bar high in the innovative Single Pair Ethernet segment


Despite making its debut in this field, Braunkabel currently offers the most complete range of products for SPE solutions.

The basic idea behind the new technology known as Single Pair Ethernet, or SPE for short, is as simple as it is fascinating. A single pair of conductors allows continuous Ethernet communication from the field level all the way to the cloud. By linking sensors directly to the Ethernet, SPE systems currently reach transmission rates in the gigabit range, which today’s bus systems cannot achieve. In addition to data transmission, SPE also allows up to 50 W of energy to be supplied to the terminal device at the same time. The slim design of the conductor pair also reduces the space requirements, weight and, in particular, costs. A classic win-win situation for the users from the producing industry.

“We have been convinced that SPE can be used in industrial environments since the very beginning. You could sum up the advantages with the description ‘high performance though efficient cables’. In comparison to current fieldbus cables, the new product is up to 25 per cent slimmer and lighter. As an independent cable manufacturer, Braunkabel wants to be – and remain – on the leading edge of SPE”, states Lukas Schnee, who, as head of Sales, is familiar with his customers’ demands and has been closely involved in the development of both the products and the product range. “Thanks to SPE, Ethernet-based networking at the field level is no longer science fiction. All sensors and actuators will have real-time capabilities, be smart, and thus become part of the IIoT. Single Pair Ethernet is a real leap forward in both innovation and efficiency – and Braunkabel has developed the cables needed for industrial use”.   The new Braunkabel product range comprises a total of eight product variants that differ in the cross section of the strand (22 AWG and 26 AWG) and in the material of the outer sheath. The cables are offered in polyurethane (PUR), PVC and mPPE – a Braunkabel speciality. The material mPPE is halogen-free, resistant to acids and, as such, is suitable for use in the food and beverage industry, for instance.

“We know that our industrial partners require reliable solutions that provide high performance and prevent expensive downtimes. That is our clear goal, for the new SPE range as well”

Lukas Schnee, Head of sales

Wherever flexible, highly dynamic or permanently installed applications are concerned – in harsh industrial environments in particular – Braunkabel leads the way with its range of SPE products. Key requirements include cables that are flame-resistant, oil-resistant and UL-approved, or suitable for use in drag chains or robotics. “We know that our industrial partners require reliable solutions that provide high performance and prevent expensive downtimes. That is our clear goal, for the new SPE range as well”, explains Lukas Schnee. “Industry 4.0 is really driving innovation, and Braunkabel is no exception”.

An overview of Single Pair Ethernet at Braunkabel

  • Transmission speeds of up to 1,000 Mbit/s over just one conductor pair
  • Transmission range/bandwidth up to 600 MHz for up to 40 m (up to 20 MHz for up to 1,000 m upon request)
  • Insulation materials: recyclable mPPE in addition to PVC and PUR
  • Cables are shielded to ensure the required resistance to crosstalk
  • UL-approved

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