Flat & twin cables

Perfect sound depends not only on the quality of the loudspeakers and amplifiers used. Also decisive is the performance of the connecting cables. Using various copper structures, e.g. with silver-coated strands, we achieve especially high quality that produces an audibly better sound quality.



  • Audio cables / loudspeaker cables
  • Video cables for TVs, projectors and players
  • Industrial applications



Specific application fields and requirements


  • UL approval with high safety standards for export



Stand-out characteristics of our cables


  • High material quality / quality raw materials
  • Customer-specific shaping (thanks to in-house tool construction) and colouring
  • Custom cable variants (copper structures)
  • Designs to your wishes
  • Individually printable to your specifications



Structural design


Twin cables from Braunkabel are available in dimensions from 2 x 0.08 mm² to 2 x 10.00 mm². Within these cross-sections, you can choose between different structures:


  • Oxygen-free or electrolyte copper
  • Solid wire
  • Strands of various diameters
  • Uncoated
  • Coated with tin, silver, nickel, brass


Also available are high-quality insulation materials with different characteristics to suit any specification, as well as a wide range of tool shapes and external diameters.