Data & sensor cables

Today, hardly any branch of industry can do without sensors. And highly sophisticated sensors depend on the right technical background equipment - above all connectors and supply lines. We are partners for renowned suppliers in the electrical engineering and electronics industry. Whatever our customers' individual requirements are, we implement them exactly.


Our data and sensor cables contribute to optimal transmission of electronic information and increase the functional reliability of numerous applications.



  • Control cables / signal cables for use in electrical engineering
  • Cables for measuring technology, control technology and regulation technology

  •  Sensor cables for:

    • Burglar alarm technology and proximity sensors
    • Optoelectronic and ultrasonic sensors
    • Inductive and capacitive sensors

  • Cables for sensor-actuator connection in industrial automation: supply lines for M3, M5, M8 and M12 plug connectors



Specific application fields and requirements


Production lines/robotics, toolmaking & mechanical engineering:

  • Resistant to welding beads
  • Suitable for drag chains
  • High chemical resistance and mechanical durability


Airport technology:

  • Flame-resistant
  • Halogen-free


Food industry:

  • Food-safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Temperature-resistant


Plant engineering:

  • Reliable
  • Process-safe
  • Robust


Outdoor use:

  • UV-resistant / weather-resistant
  • Protected against environmental influences (e.g. seawater)
  • Protected against mechanical influences with high functional reserves
  • Oil-resistant


International applications:

  • UL approval with high safety standards for export



Stand-out characteristics of our cables


  • High-quality copper strands and plastics in consistent quality
  • Excellent precision, dimensional accuracy and centricity
  • Extremely close tolerances due to state-of-the-art production plants
  • Special applications with special insulation materials and copper coatings for specific applications
  • UL-approved cables with different UL styles for worldwide use
  • Individually printable to your specifications



Structural design


Our data and sensor cables come in a modular design. You can order common cable types with two to eight conductors, and custom-configured versions. We specialise in small diameters and produce with absolute dimensional accuracy.


Furthermore, Braunkabel data and sensor cables are easy to strip: Talcum is precisely applied to the conductor bunch, and both conductor and sheath have the ideal keying fit for your application. Depending on your requirements, the surface can be smooth and glossy or silk-matt and low-adhesion.


Thanks to a large range of sheath insulation types and UL styles, our cables are configurable to meet numerous specific requirements.